Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I use 6-4-3 to score softball games, too?
Yes. 6-4-3 works great for softball as well as it allows for a 10th fielder and for teams to bat everyone even if not everyone is in the game defensively.
2. I have a tablet and it doesn't have the Android Market. How can I get 6-4-3?
While Google Play is the primary distribution channel for 6-4-3, it is now also available in the Amazon App Store.
3. Is 6-4-3 available for iPhone or BlackBerry?
6-4-3 is available for newer BlackBerry devices (running BlackBerry10) and for the PlayBook. Its listing can be found here. There is not currently an iOS version and no immediate plans to make one. However, if you'd like to see it on iOS or another platform, please contact me. If there is enough demand, I will look into porting it.
4. Can I export the stats to a spreadsheet or database?
Absolutley. 6-4-3 allows you to export stats either in a nicely-formatted HTML document or a .csv (comma separated value) file which can be opened in Excel or any other spreadsheet software. The .csv file is also useful for importing into a database.
5. Does 6-4-3 support Japanese/Spanish/Esperanto?
Presently, 6-4-3 is only available in English. However, if you would like to see it translated into your language and are able to provide translations for a number of baseball-related phrases, please contact me as I am looking to provide internationalization in the future.
6. If I buy the app now, do I have to pay for the upgrades?
Absolutely not. All updates will always be free for users who have already purchased the program.
7. If I make a mistake, can I go back and fix it?
Yes. If you haven't advanced to the next batter yet, you can just hit the Back key on your device to undo your last action(s). If you need to make changes to a play that has already happened (changing an error to a hit back in the second inning, for example), there is also an interface for editing prior events.
8. How do I score the following play: ...
I'll soon have videos up clarifying how to score some more unique plays, but in the meantime, feel free to contact me with your specific situation, and I'll be happy to help!
9. What stats does 6-4-3 track?
A full list of the stats that 6-4-3 tracks can be found here.
10. Can you add feature X?
Maybe. I'm always looking for ways to improve 6-4-3, so if there's a feature you'd like to see, please contact me and I'll consider adding it.
11. Can I score just my child's at-bats instead of the whole game?
No. While it's great for extracting stats about a single player, 6-4-3's primary purpose is as a scorecard, and as such, the natural flow of the program is to score the entire game.
12. Our league lets everyone bat regardless of whether they are playing defensively. Can 6-4-3 handle that?
Yes. 6-4-3 allows you to bat up to 24 players per side. Just specify the size of the lineup when you start the game.
13. Our league caps the number of batters/runs a team can have in an inning. Can I end an inning early because of a mercy rule?
Yes. You can end an inning at any time through the menus.
14. What if my question isn't answered here?
Your answer may be found in the Manual, but if it's not there either, then don't hesitate to contact me as I'm always happy to help!